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Top 10 Car Seat Accessories to Make Your Life Easier

Top 10 Car Seat Accessories to Make Your Life Easier

Car Seats
Wherever you’re heading with the family, accessories can make a big difference to your journey. Let’s check out our Top 10 Car Seat Accessories!

Sometimes it’s the simple ideas that make the biggest differences. Car seat accessories might not be top of your shopping list, but they can actually make your trip safer, more organized and even more enjoyable. “What’s the big deal?” we hear you ask. Well, let’s find out by taking a look at our Top 10 Car Seat Accessories!

Car seat protectors

    Want to keep your back seat free from scratches or indentations from your car seat? Look no further! Designed to cover and protect your vehicle upholstery, car seat protectors are a great way to keep your interior looking its best.

    It’s also common for protectors to act as additional security for your car seat as they stop it slipping or sliding. Take a look at Seat Guard Complete, cleverly designed with raised edges to trap crumbs and dirt to make cleaning even easier. Compatible with all car seats including rear and forward facing!

    *Bonus points – Seat Guard Complete is crash tested, as are all Diono car seat protectors

    Mirrors – Rear-facing

      Keep an eye on your Very Important Passenger without compromising your focus on the road with rear and forward-facing mirrors. Not only are mirrors great for parent peace of mind, but little passengers love to look at themselves on those very first journeys. Babies can entertain themselves easily by watching their own facial expressions. Plus, you can pull a funny face right back at them!

      Mirrors – Forward-facing

        As your child transitions through forward-facing modes, keep up the conversation while easily taking a glance at what they’re up to in the back seat with forward-facing mirrors. Check out the award-winning Easy View mirror, expertly engineered for rear-facing or See Me Too for forward-facing passengers.

        *Bonus points –Diono mirrors are crash tested and designed with shatter proof lenses

        Organizers – Back Seat

          Kiddos love stuff. Having stuff to play with, having stuff to hold, having stuff to eat. They love it. Road trips don’t have to compromise your child having all their favorite stuff nearby. Back seat organizers like Travel Pal™ are the perfect solution to storing snacks, refreshments, toys and just about anything else they need for the journey.

          Organizers – Kick Mats

            Stay organized and protect your upholstery from fidgety-feet with a 2-in-1 back seat organizer and kick mat like Stow ‘n Go XL™. Easily attached to the passenger or driver’s seat, kick mats are durable and heavy duty to keep your upholstery safe from muddy feet. Look out for spacious storage and secure utility pockets to keep things safe. For less storage and more kick mat coverage look for a design like Stuff ‘n Scuff. Versatile, easy to install and water resistant!

            *Bonus points – Stow ‘n Go XL has an integrated tablet holder so they can watch all their favorite shows on the road!

            Privacy, please!

              Infant car seat covers provide protection from wind chill, sun glare and rain but also provide privacy when they’re taking a snooze or ready to nap by creating a safe, shielded environment. Look out for features like insect nets and easy access.

              Window shields – rear-window

                Sunny days can cause all sorts of discomfort for kiddos in the back seat, not only the heat but the harmful glare of sun rays when rear-facing. Check out window shields like Sun Stop® to cover your rear window and keep infants cool, comfortable, and protected without compromising driver visibility.

                Window shields – passenger window

                  Combine with rear-facing shields for ultimate protection! Passenger window shields are available in a broad range of designs such as Heatblock® Sun Shade with reflective fabric for complete UVA and UVB protection. To stay cool and shaded check out Breeze n’ Shade, cleverly designed for use when the window is up or down to keep cool air flowing through the vehicle while also providing protection from sun glare.

                  Little passenger on-board?

                    Let other drivers know you’re carrying an extra-special passenger with Baby On The Move signs. Designed in bright and vibrant colors these are a great way to ensure others on the road are taking extra caution by your vehicle.

                    Ready, set, go!

                      If you’re on the move quite often and take your convertible car seat with you, check out compatible travel backpacks and carry straps to make life easier and protect your car seat along the way. It’s common for carry straps to be compatible with strollers too, so you’ll be able to enjoy even more miles hassle-free!