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Color the Journey

Color the Journey

At Diono we use color to engage positive emotions and allow Very Important Passengers to showcase their personality and who they are. Be bright, be bold & always be yourself.

Tried, Tested & Loved

Diono x Blue

Blue inspires coolness, reflection, confidence and imagination with its intuitive and artistic personality. It makes us feel calm and at ease, the perfect color for travel.

Blue Collection

Diono x Yellow

Considered warm, energetic and illuminating Yellow is a color that inspires original thought, something that pours freely throughout Seattle.

Yellow Collection

Diono x Red

Red is the most striking primary color. It is dynamic, energetic and excitable. Children respond well to primary color, making red a hit with their big imaginations.

Red Collection

Diono x Pink x Plum

As a personality, purple is a positive, charismatic and creative thinker. The color of emotion and creativity, pink makes us feel playful, joyful and refreshed that's how #JoyOfTheJourney should feel.

Pink & Plum Collection