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Refresh Your Backseat

Refresh Your Backseat

Celebrate your style, turn heads and #ColorTheJourney.

Less mess. No stress. FREE car seat cover every year.

When your car seat lasts up to 10 years, you’re gonna need to keep it looking fresh. “Wait, have you ever met a child! They get car sick. They puke. They have accidents. They spill. Trying to keep anything looking fresh with a kiddo is such hard work!” Says Sam, Head of Product Search and Development. We hear you, Sam, and literally every other mom (like ever). Hey, we’ve been there. Not to mention the endless list of errands and chores before we even think about cleaning the car seat cover! But we have the solution for you... A totally new car seat cover every single year. For FREE! It might sound too good to be true, but it’s not! Our Lifetime Care Journey plan gives you a free car seat cover worth up to $175 every year you have an active subscription. And that’s not all…

What's to Love?

With parenting lifestyles getting busier by the day, we don’t always get time to keep on top of all errands. Luckily, with a free car seat cover every single year, you’ve finally got time to freshen up!

If there’s one thing kiddos love, it’s changing their mind. It doesn’t matter that their favorite color was blue, it’s yellow AND green now! With a free cover every year, you can stay up to date with their favorite anything! And moms, we know you love a change of style too. At least now when you do, we’ve got you covered. Literally.

Our latest wool collection is naturally fire retardant, has natural wicking properties and is anti-bacterial. Safety, comfort and care; effortlessly combined for extra peace of mind and added comfort

Save more. Get more.

10 years of care. Two ways to pay. Endless savings.

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Good To Know

Each subscriber can redeem their free seat cover at the end of 12 months of continuous use. You have will have the option of choosing one of our tier one car seat cover.

Your free seat cover will be made available to you at the end of your first annual subscription. A notice will be automatically sent to your email, with a code that can used to redeem/purchase a new car seat cover.

The car seat cover includes the head support, pads, and backing. In our tier one level, varies colors are be available.