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Instant Savings + Endless Sitewide Savings

Instant Savings + Endless Sitewide Savings

Subscribe today and unlock instant savings.

Giving you more for less.

Subscribe today and unlock up to $210 savings. We’re giving more families the chance to join Diono by offering bigger and better value with half price savings on a line-up of three Radian® models designed to protect your child from birth to booster. Simply select a Radian® 3R, the advanced Radian® 3QXT or the new Radian® 3RXT® Safe Plus™ and you’ll automatically unlock up to $150 savings when you add any Lifetime Journey Care subscription to your order. Pay less today and enjoy up to 10 years of save travels with Lifetime Journey Care.

What's to Love?

Instant Savings + Endless Sitewide Savings. With Lifetime Journey Care you can enjoy even more for your money.

Because no two families are the same we’re offering the models our customers love the most.

Reviewed by real passengers and real parents, so you can trust your family are traveling as safe as possible.

Save more. Get more.

10 years of care. Two ways to pay. Endless savings.

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More Lifetime Journey Care benefits

Good To Know

The Lifetime Journey Care is a warranty and subscription plan that expands the life span of your Diono car seat. It includes years of safety, style, savings and exclusive benefits- offering each subscriber instant savings on car seats, warranty coverage on car seats, discounts on additional Diono products, and a free seat cover change every year.

You will receive an instant savings of up to $150 off program products-the Radian 3R, Radian 3RXT Safe+®, and Radian 3QXT. The Lifetime Journey Care plan also gives you 20% off additional products purchased on the Diono website.

If you would like to make a purchase of our Radian 3R, Radian 3RXT Safe+®, or Radian 3QXT, then this plan is for you. If you have purchased one of the program products within the eligibility window, Diono will contact you directly with an offer to sign up for a stand-alone plan.