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Crash Exchange Program

Crash Exchange Program

No hassle, no stress. We’re here to help.

Hassle-free crash exchange program.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends car seats be replaced after a moderate or severe crash. We’ll always listen to the experts. When you need us most, we’ll be there. Getting back on the road after an accident can be scary, but we hope you’ll find comfort in knowing that your precious cargo is protected in a brand new replacement car seat*. No hassle, no stress. We’re here to help.

Accidental damage is not covered by warranty. To view full details head to our T&Cs here.

What's to Love?

Scott our CPST says “Not only does our crash exchange help customers get back on the road safely, but it allows our engineers to examine crashed seats to see how they perform. This means we’re able to develop and improve the performance of our seats by introducing, or upgrading, our safety features. Building a safer future for families, every single day”

Diono has always and will continue to follow the recommendations of NHTSA and other child passenger safety experts. If your car seat is deemed unsuitable for use after an accident by the NHTSA Regulations, Diono will replace it.

You shouldn’t have to worry about the expense of replacing your car seat after an accident. And you certainly shouldn’t have to compromise your child’s safety when getting back on the road. So, we’re removing all of that stress. While we don’t wish for any bumps in the road, we’ve got you covered. Just in case.

Save more. Get more.

10 years of care. Two ways to pay. Endless savings.

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More Lifetime Journey Care benefits

Good To Know

The Lifetime Journey Care is a warranty and subscription plan that expands the life span of your Diono car seat. It includes years of safety, style, savings and exclusive benefits- offering each subscriber instant savings on car seats, warranty coverage on car seats, discounts on additional Diono products, and a free seat cover change every year.

You can find the Terms & Conditions for the Lifetime Journey Care Plan here.

The Lifetime Journey Care plan can be applied to purchasers of the Radian 3R, Radian 3QXT, and the Radian 3RXT. If you have previously purchased one of the mentioned seats within the approved range of time before the launch of the subscription service, you can subscribe to a subscription only plan.