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Lifetime Journey Care™ – Refresh Your Back Seat

Lifetime Journey Care™ – Refresh Your Back Seat

Car Seats
Car seat looking a bit dated? It happens. We don’t always get the chance to keep it as fresh as we’d like to. But now, we have the solution…

Parenting. Suddenly time seems to stop, speed up and slip away from us all at the same time. You discover a skill for multi-tasking that you’re not entirely sure is even human, and yet the to-do list never ends. We’re a team of parents, so believe us, we know.

We caught up with Sam, our very own Diono Mom to find out more about her parenting experiences.

“I find myself saying ‘I’ll do that tomorrow’ every day, but tomorrow never seems to come around. I keep on top of the big tasks, but there’s so many little ones that they’re starting to look bigger than the big ones!”

And on the list (somewhere) is to clean the car seats. But when there’s so many other things to keep clean, it often gets forgotten about. “I love that my car seat will last 10 years, but I just don’t know how I’ll keep it looking its best!” We hear you.

With an active Lifetime Journey Care™ Subscription, you’ll receive a free car seat cover every year. Was that a sigh of relief? We thought so. Now the scuffs, spills and stains are no big deal at all. And let's face it, kiddos spill. Accidents happen. And then there’s the “I don’t like that color anymore!”

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Literally. Wave goodbye to that guilty feeling of not keeping your cover in the very best condition. Say hello to looking fresh and changing your style. We know, it’s kind of awesome.

Kiddo decided they like purple now? No sweat. Get a free cover!

Upgraded your vehicle and want something a little more classic to coordinate? No problem. Get a free cover!

Feeling defeated after a summer of car sickness? Fear not. Get a free cover!

And that’s just the beginning…

We’re not just offering standard car seat covers. Nope. We’re offering a totally exclusive, naturally better and completely customizable line-up. Our design team have been working hard behind the scenes to curate a collection of new materials, patterns, themes and so much more. Plus, we’ve got a new toy that we just cannot wait to play with.

Want to find out more? Head to and feast your eyes on all the other benefits you’ll unlock with Lifetime Journey Care, including up to $150 off Radian® 3R, 3RXT SafePlus™ and 3QXT and endless savings at