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Radian® 3QXT review: Lily Yange

Radian® 3QXT review: Lily Yange

We’re delighted to share with you Lily Yange’s review of the all-new radian 3QXT car seat, featuring her super cute son Felix!

Hi everyone,

I’m Lily Yange, a lifestyle expert covering everything from fashion to motherhood. I am so excited to be writing this blog post introducing Diono’s new Radian Q series, the next generation of car seats. With this being Diono’s 20th anniversary, Diono is exceeding expectations with impressive new upgrades that all families will love. In true Diono fashion, the new Q series is presenting you with two new models, the Radian 3QX ($449.99) and 3QXT ($499.99). The Radian 3QXT offers 10 years with one car seat as it can be used from 4lbs to 120lbs! I am overjoyed that I don’t have to worry about purchasing multiple car seats as my son, Felix as he grows – because he’s growing fast!

I first worked with Diono back in 2017 and was over the moon with excitement as I have always admired them as a brand. Diono puts us, parents, at ease with their extensive safety standards and durability. Back when my son, Felix was still an infant, I was given the opportunity to review the Diono Radian RXT Convertible Car seat – which I absolutely loved. Now, three years later, I am so excited to be working with Diono again with their newest car seat, the new Q series.

I was first introduced to Diono’s Radian 3QXT at the Future for Baby Show – a show for retailers and E-Commerce sellers that are based in Canada. I was one of the select few given the opportunity to view their new product, so imagine my excitement when I walked into a room and was met with a variety of stunning, colourful car seats. My attention was instantly drawn to a display of the Safe+ steel anti-rebound bar. The Safe+ steel anti-rebound bar is one new way Diono has improved their safety standards by increasing rear-facing protection. The anti-rebound bar reduces rebound rotation by 50% ensuring that in the event of a collision, the seat will not rebound or bounce. This is just one of the four ways Diono has improved collision protection for newborns. The Radian 3QXT also features Safe+™ newborn travel high wedge, Safe+™ 2-in-1 infant positioning liner, Safe+™ newborn protection insert and Safe+™ newborn harness pads that are made to custom fit newborns comfortably.


After getting a more detailed presentation, another feature I was excited to see is the Safe+ side impact protection. With 8 layers of side impact protection, families can feel confident with whichever side of the car they put the car seat on. The Safe+™ side impact management pod adds even more protection by transporting energy from the side of the car seat into the back to reduce the risk of side impact.

As the originators of the 3-in-1 car seat, Diono is now the only all in one car seat you’ll ever need. The slim fit design allows for a 3-across fit in most vehicles. The extra side protection ensures that no seat will be compromised. The fact that this car seat can be rear-facing until a child is 50lbs (approximately 4 years old) ensures the highest safety families can ensure for their child. Diono assures a high level of safety as the car seats are put through several rigorous crash tests and launched the Diono Safe+™ engineering promise.

As my son grows, I am grateful that the seat can grow with him. The Safe+™ headrest allows for 12 positions and impact protection for our growing kids. Their new head impact technology improves head containment in the event of a collision.

Not only does the 3QXT provide the ultimate protection for families, but it is also super comfortable! The comfort plus seat cushion allows for my son to nap comfortably on our long drives visiting family. Bonus – it’s super easy to fold and is FAA approved so it’s the perfect car seat to bring with you on your family vacation!

I was beyond impressed that Diono could take an already amazing car seat and make it even better. I feel confident in my son’s safety when travelling with the Diono 3QXT.

Thanks again, Diono for creating another great car seat that all families can enjoy. You can learn more about Diono’s new Radian 3QXT car seat here.

All the best,

Lily Yange

Lily Yange

Toronto based model & digital content creator

Lily Yange is a Toronto based model & digital content creator. She has been seen in campaigns for the likes of H&M, Sephora, Mazda, Nespresso and many more.

Recently Lily can be seen on CTV’s BT Montreal & Global networks sharing her parenting expertise across Canada.