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How the Radian® 3-across Legacy Was Born

How the Radian® 3-across Legacy Was Born

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What does it take to be the original 3-across car seat brand, and continue to be the best? Others may imitate, but Radian will always be the first.

Back in 2005 we found ourselves wondering how growing families were ever meant to protect their precious cargo when so many car seats were oversized, bulky and way too wide. Determined to offer a solution, the Radian was born.

There are some things we should never have to compromise on…good coffee in the morning, duvet days in winter and the safety of our children. While we don’t produce coffee or sell duvets, Diono will always prioritize your Very Important Passenger’s safety. Over 15 years ago, we learned that parents were put into a compromising position when it came to car seat safety and decided things needed to change. We introduced Radian at the 2005 JPMA Show, revolutionizing car seat design by being the first ever 3-across, folding car seat.

While we could’ve stopped there, we’ve never stopped improving on the Radian. Through continuous design and engineering innovation, our goal has always been to make sure Radian meets parents and care-givers safety expectations and exceeds federal safety standards. So then, what’s the secret behind the original and the best 3 Across All-In-One™ convertible car seat?

Truth is, when you’ve been committed to 3-across for as long as Diono has, you become an expert. That’s all there is to it. We’re the experts of 3-across car seat design. And not only that, we’ve never compromised the safety of child passengers and we never will. In fact, over the last 15+ years we’ve continued to introduce advanced safety, comfort, and protection to our Radian models. We created the blueprint to enable 3 car seats to sit comfortably side-by-side in the back seat of most mid-sized vehicles.*

“But what about travelling in different modes?”

We’ve thought of that, too. The unique, original design of Radian means you can combine rear-facing for infant passengers with forward-facing for older passengers. Whatever the mode from birth to booster, you’ll be able to position your Radian car seats safely and securely.

In 2018 we launched our Radian R Series, quickly becoming a favorite for families across America and winning IIHS Best Booster Award both that year and in 2019. As of today, over one million children travel in a Radian car seat every single day. Radian has been featured in Wire Cutter, Chicago Tribune, Financial Times, numerous TV segments, and countless parenting blogs as a household name for 3-across travel. What’s next for the Radian’s legacy? One thing we do know for sure…it’s not over yet.

*Radian measures 17” in width. Diono research has found that a high percentage of midsize US and North American vehicles are able to accommodate 3 all-in-one Radian models.