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Lifetime Journey Care™ – Lifetime Warranty & Crash Exchange

Lifetime Journey Care™ – Lifetime Warranty & Crash Exchange

Car Seats
There when you need us most, members can enjoy a lifetime of protection and care with our all-new subscription plan

We spoke with our very own team of Diono Parents to ask them what they’d like to have been offered when they began their parenting journey. One of the most common answers was lifetime warranty. So, we decided to offer it to you, our Diono Family. What does that mean? It means your car seat is protected for life*.

*10 years of warranty.

Your Radian® is designed, engineered and built to last 10 years, so it makes sense that we’ll be by your side the whole time, too. Just in case. We understand the importance of extra peace of mind when it comes to looking after precious cargo, and we want to make sure that you’ve got it.

And not only that. As part of our complete care and protection package, we’re also offering a Free Crash Exchange Program. What’s a crash exchange program? It’s simple. If your car seat is involved in an accident and needs replacing based on Diono and NHTSA Guidelines, we’ll replace it. Absolutely free of charge. That means you can get back on the road with confidence that your Very Important Passenger is protected. Child passenger safety experts agree that crash exchange programs are a great way to continue serving families, even after a crash. At Diono, we’ll always listen to the experts to make sure we’re doing the best for our family, and this is our way of committing to doing just that.

Backed by Diono CPST

Our very own Child Passenger Safety Technician, Scott, is proud to endorse Lifetime Warranty and Diono Crash Exchange Program. Here’s why.

“Our Crash Exchange Program serves two purposes. First, it gives customers the opportunity to receive a free replacement seat if they are ever involved in a crash. This means they can get back on the road quickly and safely with a seat they know and trust.

Second, it gives our engineers the opportunity to examine crashed seats to see how they perform in real-world crashes. We then use this information to guide our decisions for future product development and to improve the performance of our seats by introducing new safety features or upgrading existing features.”

We’re doing what we can today, to protect the future of tomorrow. To find out more about the additional benefits of Lifetime Journey Care, click here. Oh, subscribers also unlock instant savings up to $150 on their choice of best-selling Radian® models*, too.