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What is the difference between Radian® 3RXT® and Radian® 3RXT® SafePlus™

What is the difference between Radian® 3RXT® and Radian® 3RXT® SafePlus™

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The best just got better. Here’s everything you need to know about Radian® 3RXT SafePlus™

At Diono, we never settle for good. Or even great. We like to be the best, and do the best for our Diono Family. For over 16 years Radian® has been famous for its original 3-across design, steel core frame, and unique folding design. Our team knew we had something special with our award-winning Radian® 3RXT® but couldn’t help thinking we could make it even better. Here’s why you’re going to fall in love (again) with Radian®.

15 New Features 

The new and improved Radian 3RXT® SafePlus™ is suitable from 4 lb/1.8 kg with additional 3-stage rear-facing protection including SafePlus™ anti-slip harness pads, SafePlus™ new-born travel high wedge and SafePlus™ anti-rebound bar. Each of these upgrades build on our commitment to new-born safety, with the anti-rebound bar reducing rebound rotation up to 50%, and the wedge providing optimum new-born positioning.

For advanced safety we’ve introduced SafePlus™ Engineering to the latest Radian® 3RXT. This means we’ve done extensive crash testing, including roll-over and side-impact tests, to achieve results above and beyond the Federal standard. Then we added 6-layers of side impact protection combined with extended sidewalls for enhanced side impact protection. Radian® 3RXT® SafePlus™ also features an upgraded SafePlus™ steel core, and SafePlus™ easy adjust 12 position head support with high performance foam padding. The updated head support achieves a 22% increase in occupancy space from the original 3RXT® and grows with your child to keep them safe and comfortable for up to 10 years.

It’s not just the nitty gritty things that have evolved with Radian 3RXT® SafePlus™, but the comfort and style too. We’ve introduced premium fabrics and detailing, and clever storage compartments like LATCH & rear-facing tether storage, side storage for harness cleaning/replacement and instruction manual storage. The seat base design has upgraded with expandable seat width, while the rear-facing base has also welcomed new improvements, and each seat is complete with an XL cup holder.