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Q&A with Bad Bronco

Q&A with Bad Bronco

Car Seats
When founders of Bad Bronco, Ben and Sydnee, asked their followers which brand would provide safe travel for their three children, Diono was the overwhelming response. Let’s find out about their #JoyOfTheJourney so far.

While eagerly anticipating the arrival of their all-new custom built Ford Bronco, Ben and Sydnee began their search for a car seat that would match their high standards of design, engineering and performance. How did Diono become their first choice, and what do they make of their Radian® 3QXT so far? Let’s find out!

Q: Hey Ben, thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us about your Diono Journey so far! We can’t wait to hear about how you’re all doing. When you guys were looking for your new car seats, was there a lot of competition? What made Diono take the podium?

There are so many car seat options, and honestly it felt a little overwhelming. But knowing exactly what we needed made it easier. The Bronco doesn’t have a 3rd row, and we have 3 kids (ages 6, 3 and 1), so we knew fitting 3 across the 2nd row was the big factor. I asked the Bad Bronco community (30k+ people at the time) who they recommended for 3-across car seats, and the overwhelming response was Diono.

That’s good to hear!

When that many people recommend one brand, it’s stands out. In addition to that, we liked that Diono specializes in 3-across and how the design and features were dialed in. As professionals in the design industry, that’s really important to my wife and I, so Diono was the clear choice.

Absolutely! We want parents and passengers to embrace #JoyOfTheJourney so for us, style and safety should go hand-in-hand. What was your first impression when you unboxed your Radian® 3QXT?

Haha, honestly it was how heavy it was. I had almost forgotten that the seats were constructed with steel, not just Styrofoam and plastic. That was another big feature we liked was the added safety a steel-reinforced frame would provide.

The classic, original steel core. Safety you can really feel!

The other first impression was that everything was so intentional. The amount of useful features like being able to take it on a plane, the ability to fold up into a compact footprint, and the flexibility to use these seats for up to 10 years in incredible. I was blown away with the sheer amount of capability one car seat could have.

Thanks! We’re passionate about going the extra mile, literally and figuratively! Now that you’ve had the car seats for a while, how would you describe your Radian® 3QXT in three words?

Tastefully-designed, solid, compact

That definitely sounds like a Radian®! Now in as many words as they like, how would your Very Important Passengers describe them?

Oh, they love them! My oldest two said the seats make them feel happy. They mentioned that they like how soft they are, and that they’re able to sit next to each other (they are best buds). Our oldest son, who is learning to read, thinks his seat says “Dino” which definitely brought up the cool factor for him.

We won’t tell him if you don’t…

They also said they like them better than their seats (from another brand) that are in our 4Runner. My youngest boy, who’s going through an emotional time as a threenager, said that he likes to cry in his too. So I guess it’s a good comfort seat. Haha.

That’s a new one! Tried, tested and approved by threenagers as “a good place to cry”. How would you rate your installation experience / support?

It was great. Because the seats are so versatile for a range of ages, weights and positions, there are different settings people need to be aware of. It’s definitely important to actually read the instructions to get it right.

It’s the most important!

I’m notoriously bad at doing that, but thankfully the instructions were simple and clear for each configuration. Since I take a lot of photos of my kids in the seats, your team offered to take a look at the install and provided some great tips for optimum safety, so that was really helpful too.

Thanks! As safety advocates we’re always happy to help ensure our products are installed properly. Your Bronco is pretty geared up for the open road and #JoyOfTheJourney. Where are you most excited to travel with your Radian®?

Oh man, that’s a tough one. Probably for some family adventures in Utah, but I’m sure the bulk of our trips will be to Tennessee to see the grandparents. And of course, we love exploring all that the Dallas area has to offer most weekends, now with the top off in the Bronco.

Big fan of the Pacific Northwest! You guys have the right idea, and thanks again for choosing Diono to travel with you along the way.