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Nice to know Q - Everything you need to know about Radian® Q Series

Nice to know Q - Everything you need to know about Radian® Q Series

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First introduced in 2020 Radian® Q Series is our most advanced line-up of all-in-one convertible car seats. So how to choose the right Radian Q for you? Our team explain the key features and differences of the Diono Radian® Q Series.

As we welcome another addition to the Radian Q Series family we asked how do you find the perfect Q for you? Our team take you through the key features and upgrades between Radian 3QX, Radian 3QXT and Radian 3QXT FirstClass™ SafePlus™

This year we introduced an all-new Radian® Q model, Radian® 3QXT FirstClass™ SafePlus™. With three awesome models in the line-up, we thought you’d like to learn more about each and what to expect from the next generation of all-in-one convertible car seat.

Original Radian® Features

Each of the Q Series models is designed with all the original Radian® features you know and love. We’ve made zero compromise to our original slim-fit 3-across design and you can still expect 10 years from one car seat as Radian® Q Series travels with you from birth as an infant carrier to high-back booster (4 lbs – 120 lbs). All Radian® models are designed to offer rear-facing for longer up to age 4 / 50 lbs.

Radian® models have 3 modes of travel: rear-facing 4 – 50 lbs, forward-facing with harness 22 – 65 lbs and high-back booster 40 – 120 lbs.

SafePlus™ Engineering

Found on each of the Q Series models, SafePlus™ Engineering is a combination of advanced safety, comfort and testing. Each Q Series model has endured our most rigorous crash testing. To support our commitment to rear-facing for longer, we also engineered a SafePlus™ steel anti-rebound bar* feature designed to reduce rebound rotation by 50%.

*Radian® 3QXT+ features 2-in-1 SafePlus™ anti-rebound panel and calf support.

Radian® 3QXT+

Designed with all the features included with Radian® 3QXT, the Radian® 3QXT+ is unique in its classic, premium tailoring and finishing alongside its exclusive Safe® 2-in-1 anti-rebound panel and adjustable calf support. Cleverly designed to provide additional safety and comfort throughout modes, the panel increases stability when rear-facing and reduces rebound rotation by up to 50% while the adjustable calf support and comfort liner provides additional comfort as they transition to forward-facing. Radian® 3QXT+ is designed with mesh panels and premium fabrics. Easy remove and machine washable for comfort, convenience and style All-in-One. This model comes with 2x XL cup holders and Ultra Mat car seat protector included.

Radian® 3QXT

Featuring complete 4-stage newborn protection with SafePlus™ newborn wedge, SafePlus™  2-in-1 infant positioning liner, SafePlus™ newborn protection insert and SafePlus™ newborn harness pads. Advanced side impact protection is provided with 8 layers of interlocking EPP and ESP foam, high-density plastic, and steel reinforcement. Additional protection is found in the SafePlus™ Side Impact Management Pod which is placed on the side of the car seat facing the door and is engineered to channel energy around the back of the car seat and away from the child in the event of a side impact. Radian® 3QXT has been rear-impact tested and with the use of twice the recommended force required by US FMVSS 213.

Radian® 3QX

Featuring 3-stage rear-facing protection with SafePlus™  newborn high travel wedge, SafePlus™  2-in-1 infant positioning liner and SafePlus™ anti-rebound bar. Radian® 3QX features 6 layers of interlocking EPP and ESP foam, high-density plastic, and steel reinforcement.

Radian® 3QXT this model does not include the side impact management pod. Radian® 3QX has been tested with SafePlus™ over and above national standards but does not include rear-impact testing or use twice the recommended force required by US FMVSS 213.

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