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Imagine The Journey - The Latest Diono Campaign That’s Made by Kids for Kids

Imagine The Journey - The Latest Diono Campaign That’s Made by Kids for Kids

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Imagination can take us anywhere, and nobody has a bigger imagination than little Very Important Passengers. Here’s how they helped create our latest campaign, Imagine The Journey™

As engineers of Radian, the original 3-across convertible car seat, and Monterey, the original expandable booster seat, we’re no stranger to original ideas at Diono. We’ve always done things a little differently, and our latest campaign is no exception. 

To create Imagine The Journey™, a 3-part series of super-fun videos, we decided to put kids in control! Sounds crazy, right? But the truth is that kids know best when it comes to having fun, thinking differently, and having big imaginations. Here’s how Imagine The Journey™ was made by kids, for kids. Download your FREE Imagine The Journey™ safety coloring book here.

Our friends at Seattle-based creative agency, Project Bionic, sat down to ask children all about the weird and wonderful things they imagine as they create their own worlds to pass the time on car trips.

“Spaceships! Alien invasions taking over the city!”

“Mermaids, pirates and castles in the sky!

“Friendly monsters roasting marshmallows on the fire!”

Their big ideas continued to flow, as illustrators began working on ways to bring them to life with the animation team. Then, we needed to find a space big enough to build them. We hired a studio with plenty of space, and the team began painting all of the walls green to create a huge green screen.

Next, we needed a car. Not just any car, but something cool and futuristic that complemented the kids’ ideas.

Once we had a big enough green screen, a car, and all the equipment in place, we were almost ready to film. But first, the writing team at Project Bionic worked on piecing together all of the ideas our VIPs had given us and created a script. Time to practice!

Our super awesome actors, Izabella Alvarez (oldest), Milo Horak (middle), and Weston Oliver (youngest), perfected the script in no time! Which isn’t really surprising since they practically wrote it! With practice over, and our studio prepared, we had our very own CPST, Scott, on hand to install the Radian® 3RXT® SafePlus™ and Radian® 3QX car seats into the vehicle and assist with a safe and secure fit. We might not really be going anywhere, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t put safety first!

Everyone seated safe and secure? Let’s roll!

We filmed each instalment of the series individually, giving each of our talented actors a chance to be the star of the show!

You can watch each of the videos, featuring Radian® 3RXT® SafePlus™ and Radian® 3QX, by clicking on the images below. Don’t forget to like, comment and share with your friends!