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Finding Your Match: The Perfect Car Seat for Your Family

Finding Your Match: The Perfect Car Seat for Your Family

Car Seats
Looking for a car seat but don’t know where to start? Find the perfect car seat for your family!

Whether you consider yourself a seasoned professional-car-seat-shopper-extraordinaire, or you can’t quite tell forward-facing from booster mode, shopping for a car seat can be equally fun and exciting as it is challenging. Luckily, we can help gear up the fun and tackle the challenge!

In this edition of Diono Journal we’ve spoken with our very own Diono parents and safety experts to learn how we can make it even easier for you to choose the perfect car seat. Let’s get started!

  • Newborn to Big Kid (0-4 years old / 4 – 120 lbs): All-in-One Convertible Car Seat

As the name suggests, all-in-one car seats are perfect if you’re looking for one seat that goes from infant car seat to booster. Designed and engineered for passengers from 4 lbs the Diono Radian® SafePlus™ range of all-in-one convertible car seats feature advanced newborn protection and anti-rebound bar. We’ve rounded up our top-two parent picks for all-in-one car seats!

Shop For: Best-Selling All-in-One Convertible

We’ve updated the original 3-across family favorite with 15 all-new upgrades in safety, comfort and functionality. The best just got better, with Radian® 3RXT® SafePlus™. Suitable from 4 lbs with complete 3-stage rear-facing protection, Radian® 3RXT® SafePlus™ is engineered with a SafePlus™ steel core, easy-adjust 12-position headrest, anti-rebound bar and 6-layers of side impact protection.

Shop For: Luxury All-in-One Convertible

The award-winning Radian® 3QXT FirstClass™ SafePlus™ is designed to give your Very Important Passenger a first-class experience. With complete 4-stage infant protection and 2-in-1 anti-rebound panel for advanced safety and comfort when rear and forward-facing, Radian® 3QXT FirstClass™ SafePlus™ is finished with premium fabrics and detailing.

  • Big Kid – Youth (4-12 years old / 50 – 120 lbs): Booster Seat

Before we go further, remember that your child only needs to transition to a booster seat if they meet the minimum weight or heigh limit, and if they're mature enough to ride in a booster. If your child has not yet reached the maximum limit for weight or height in the forward-facing with harness, do not transition to a booster seat.

Booster seats are designed to give your child a boost so they’re positioned correctly for the adult seat belt. Available in high back or backless, here’s our parent picks to help you find your match in a booster seat!

Shop For: Portable and Lightweight High Back Booster

Not all high back boosters are the same, and Monterey® 5iST FixSafe™ defies the myth that high back booster seats are bulky, heavy and rigid. At 25% smaller than the average booster, Monterey® is the original expandable booster that cleverly expands in both height and width to provide an 85% increase in seat occupancy space as your child grows. Engineered with a unique compact fold design, Monterey® might look small, but it’s big on features; like 8-layers of side impact protection, integrated carry strap to carry 3-ways, 12 headrest positions and FixSafe™ Rigid LATCH connectors.

Shop For: Lightweight Backless Booster

Sometimes big kids just need a little boost, and that’s where Solana® comes in. The contoured seat base is a built-in safety feature that helps prevent submarining. It also helps support longer legs as kids grow... a two for-one win! Featuring two space-saving retractable cup holders, Solana® is super lightweight and portable for easy transferring between vehicles. Available with or without LATCH connectors.