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Diono’s guide to the ultimate day out essentials

Diono’s guide to the ultimate day out essentials

Car Seats
Not only do we design and create everything you need to get your child from A to B but we’ve thought of everything you’ll need in between as well. After all, it’s not just about being at your destination, but getting there. That’s the #joyofthejourney.

Coming from Seattle, a vibrant city wrapped in sprawling landscapes, we know a thing or two about road trips.

Heading downtown to coffee shops and quirky social spots, spending days at the park or beach or picnicking by lakes and beneath the trees, we love it all. Not only do we design and create everything you need to get your child from A to B but we’ve thought of everything you’ll need in between as well. After all, it’s not just about being at your destination, but getting there. That’s the #joyofthejourney. Let’s start at the beginning.

In the car – rear-facing accessories

Planning a road trip with your little one might seem stressful; luckily, we’ve done it plenty of times before and learned some top tips to make it a smooth ride. To calm your nerves, Easy View mirror is the original 360-degree rotating mirror with crystal clear reflection, allowing you to make a swift check on the back seat without losing concentration on the road. 

We’re super excited to welcome our Seattle Inspired nature collection of Easy View Mirrors, featuring an adorable line-up of characters that will capture baby’s imagination and stimulate their senses. 

For additional comfort and support, were not provided by their car seat, the Diono Cuddle Soft 2-in-1 head support is a nested design to support delicate heads, shoulders, and torso in cushioned comfort and compatible with infant carriers, car seats, and strollers. You can also shop Easy View and Cuddle Soft in a great value “newborn essential pack”.

Our all-new Diono characters aren’t limited to just mirrors, and available soon is our Fox and Bear to Sun Stoppers, providing rear window coverage to protect your child from harmful UV rays and the uncomfortable heat of the sun. Sun Stop rear-view protection is also available in standard edition design.


Snacks, route, and playlist ready? Perfect. But while you’re keeping your eyes on the road and singing your heart out to the classics, you’ll want to make sure your very important passenger is entertained as well. With Stow n’ Go they can keep all of their favorite travel essentials in one place whilst traveling, featuring seven storage pockets and two drink holders. 

For older children, Travel Pal sits beside their car seat allowing them easy access to everything they need on the go, complete with insulated drink holders. Top Tip! Cup holders already attached to their convertible car seats are also a great solution for keeping small toys beside them as you travel.

Car-proud? We got it.

The last thing you want to happen to your car is damage of any sort, interior, or exterior and with each trip, there’s always the risk of restless feet against your seat, spills and scuffs or accidents. Remember,

we’ve seen it all before, which is why we’ve created smart solutions to protect your interior and upholstery. Stuff ‘n Scuff protects your seat from busy feet, made using water-resistant materials and featuring two handy cargo pockets to keep travel essentials safe. Available in regular and XL to protect vehicles up to SUV size. 

For the rear, we’ve got complete coverage with our range of car seat protectors including all-new Ultra Mat XXXL, designed to it the entire rear area of most vehicles making it not only perfect for busy back seats but, yep, you’ve guessed it, the family dog. Ultra-Mat is also available in standard size, to provide protection for individual car seats.

Those toilet training days can be tiresome, and while your child is still in the learning stages it’s best to make sure that they’re comfortable in case of accidents. Ultra-Dry Seat is a 100% waterproof cushion designed with raised back and sides to keep spills and accidents contained. Compatible with car seats and strollers, Ultra Dry is machine washable and easily folded compact for storage.

So that’s just about everything you need for getting there, but then the fun begins! We’ve thought of clever little ideas for all of your big adventures.

Out ‘n About

Introduce baby to the world with our range of carriers, ergonomically designed by parents for parent and passenger comfort, and the freedom to roam. Carus Complete is our ingenious design 4-in-1 carrier offering superior back support in every mode and can be worn like a jacket. Acknowledged as a “hip-healthy” carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute with adjustable leg support, Carus is a solution lovingly engineered for you and baby for those precious early outdoor experiences.

If your child is ready to take on the world on their own two feet, Sure Steps is a secure harness that allows toddler to freely explore while staying close by. With an ultra-secure back fastener and a wrist loop for your control, the 4” strap allows for plenty of independence without straying too far.

Leaving behind no mess or fuss after any adventure is just as important as the adventure itself, and with our Pop-Up Trash Bin you can enjoy portable lunches and picnics in all the best places, without leaving anything behind. We’ve even thought about any potential mess baby might leave, and cleverly created our portable Change n Go mat, a versatile and compact foldaway mat with a cushioned base and plenty of pockets for wipes and essentials.

And that just about covers our Diono Guide to the ultimate day out, from journey to the destination and the exploring when you get there, and this is just a handful of our accessories. We’ve created a range of universal stroller and car seat accessories, all of which can be found online at our valued retail partners and on stores – just follow the links below. Happy Shopping!