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Fits 3-Across

Fits 3-Across

The original and still the best.

3’s the magic number. 

We don’t know who decided 3 was a crowd. At Diono, we think 3’s a party. Planning ahead? So are we. For families that know they’re gonna grow, we’re here to help you gear up and get ready by offering your 3rd seat absolutely free*. Plus, when your new addition arrives, you can rest easy knowing there’ll be room for all 3 seats, at any stage, and any age!

*Select and add 3 Lifetime Journey Care subscription packages to your cart and receive an automatic discount at checkout.

To view full details head to our T&Cs here.

What's to Love?

We’ve been doing this a while*, so we’ve gotten to know busy back seats pretty well. That’s why over one million parents (and counting) have chosen us to protect their precious cargo. Psst… we were actually the first ever 3-across brand. Yep, ever.

Whether you’re planning a trio, or life blesses you with a surprise extra bundle of joy, you can take comfort knowing their car seat is one less thing to worry about.

Travel safely in any combination, like rear-facing or booster mode with an adult passenger. Or 2 forward-facing car seats and 1 rear-facing. Or 3 rear-facing. Or… you get the picture. Travel 3-across, with zero compromise.

We launched the original 3-across slim design all-in-one convertible back in 2005. Since then, Radian® has been tried, trusted and loved by millions of parents and passengers, winning multiple awards and receiving endless praise from industry experts. We’ve never compromised on our 3-across design, and we never will.

Save more. Get more.

10 years of care. Two ways to pay. Endless savings.

Select Your Car Seat

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Good To Know

Each plan covers one car seat. If you have multiple car seats you will need to subscribe to a separate subscription plan for each seat. If purchasing 3 car seats, you qualify for the buy 2 get 1 free benefit. This will give you one of the car seats for free. However, each car seat will need a separate subscription plan. Your subscription service will be bundled at a total of $29.97 a month, or $359.64 a year.

Each subscription is attributed to one car seat only.

The Lifetime Journey Care subscription plan can be applied only to the Radian 3R, Radian 3RXT, and the Radian 3QXT.