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Tiffany Vincent - My Diono

Tiffany Vincent - My Diono

On February 21st, Tiffany Vincent was on her way to pick up her daughter from preschool with her son riding rear-facing in his diono rainier. About a block away, Tiffany noticed a driver ahead of her traveling in the opposite direction had started to cross into her lane. Before she could react she collided with the other car.

“I remember the impact and immediately turning around to try to get to my son because he was screaming. A gentleman was trying to get his car seat out. I had the top tether attached and they were struggling to get it unhooked. I saw the man remove him from the seat and another gentleman helped me climb across the passenger side because my door was jammed shut,” Tiffany said. “They ended up cutting the top tether to remove my son’s rainier from the car. They had sat me on the ground and placed him in my lap. I had a broken arm and leg and was severely confused. Once they had the seat out they came over and placed him back into it. Once the ambulance arrived, I was placed on a stretcher and put in and my son was kept in his car seat to the hospital. I am fuzzy on this period as shock had set in but I remember knowing he was OK because he was talking with the EMTs and they kept telling me he’s in perfect condition. Once we arrived at the hospital they took us into the same room. He was given a full exam and discharged in under an hour because he had no visible injuries.”

Tiffany underwent multiple x-rays and it was determined that her left leg, right arm and nose had been broken in the crash. She remained at the hospital for another four hours and was discharged. She says her son has some bruising on his leg from the 5-point harness but is otherwise in good health. “I’m still in a slow recovery but beyond grateful that the injuries are mine and not my son’s,” she said.

You can read more about Tiffany’s story on The Winchester Star’s website.