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The Newest Member of The Original 3-Across Family Has Arrived: Radian® 3R® SafePlus™

The Newest Member of The Original 3-Across Family Has Arrived: Radian® 3R® SafePlus™

With 12 new improvements in safety, functionality, and comfort, there’s so much to love about Radian® 3R® SafePlus™

Our commitment to the safety of busy back seats and protecting Very Important Passengers™ means that we are always looking for ways to upgrade and improve our Radian® Legacy. This year, we are pleased to announce the Radian® 3R® SafePlus™; the newest member of the Original 3-Across Family. Expertly engineered with 12x improvements in safety, functionality, and comfort. Here’s everything you need to know about Radian® 3R® SafePlus™.

Extended Rear-facing up to 50 lbs with SafePlus™ Engineering.

Our most advanced safety features. Tried, tested and loved by Diono Families, SafePlus™ Engineering is a complete package of safety features that go over and above regular standards. The latest Radian® is engineered with four SafePlus™ advancements; SafePlus™ reinforced steel core, easy-adjust 12-position contoured headrest, roll-over testing, and side-impact testing. There is also the option to add the SafePlus™ anti-rebound bar, which can be purchased separately.

Improved Side Impact Protection.

Fans of the original Radian® 3R® will notice the whole new look for the updated 3R® SafePlus™. We’ve extended the side walls to include an additional 3-layers of energy absorbing side impact protection. While the latest Radian® may have increased in size of features, we’ve made zero compromise to our slim Fits3-Across® design so you can guarantee back seat protection for your growing family.

Optimized Headrest Protection.

While the original Radian® 3R® was designed without a headrest, the latest Radian® 3R® SafePlus™ is engineered to a new level of protection. Our team of product design experts worked tirelessly to perfect the contoured headrest to ensure it maximizes comfort while improving child head containment. The result is an easy one-hand adjust 12-position headrest with high performance foam padding, engineered with the latest European Side Impact research technology in crash management. As your child grows, so does their Radian!