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Talitha Orris - My Diono

Talitha Orris - My Diono

In March of 2017, Talitha Orris of York, Pennsylvania was traveling with her three-year-old son when she was involved in a multi-car crash.

Dear Diono,

My son and I were in an accident in early March of this year involving four other cars. My car was the worst involved in the accident. My airbags deployed and my windshield broke and my passenger door was jammed shut. I had my seat belt on and suffered the most from this accident with a concussion from the airbags and contusions, bruising and cutting across my neck and chest from my seat belt which probably saved my life.

But the most precious cargo was my son who’s three. He was in his Diono Radian RXT. He had a tiny scratch on his chin and that was it. This could have definitely turned out so much worse. I am often questioned as to why I bought such an “expensive” car seat. And I bought it because it was the safest car seat. And that has been proven. Thank you for saving my son. If anything more would have happened to him I would have never forgiven myself. Our car seat from the accident still sits in our kitchen. Car insurance would not pay for a replacement. To this day it’s incredibly hard for me to drive down the same road the accident was on, only 5 minutes from our house. But there is no way around it so I had to face my fear. My car was totaled but our lives were saved. Thank you.