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Find the perfect Diono stroller for you 

Find the perfect Diono stroller for you 

 Diono offer a great range of strollers and travel systems that are suitable from birth to toddler. Discover the perfect Diono stroller for you.

If you’re looking for a new stroller you may find yourself faced with many options to choose from for different lifestyles, budgets and styles. Here at Diono we strive to create products for every parent or caregiver, which is why we designed a range of strollers perfectly matched to the needs of modern parenting. 

Our designers took today’s lifestyles as the starting point and applied clever thinking to develop products around how people actually live. From there we combined great aesthetics and fashionable fabrics to create a truly fantastic range of products. So, if you’re ready to find your perfect stroller match take a quick coffee break quiz to discover the stroller that was made for you…     

Begin with choosing which of these sounds most like your lifestyle    

  • All-terrain adventurer 
  • Most at home in the city 
  • Active, relaxed, here, there and everywhere (the all-rounder) 


Quantum2 is the stroller for you! Our fully featured, full-sized stroller puts you in control with unique patented fold that means Quantum2 folds at your pace, and always stays clean. With all-round suspension wheels you can enjoy easy navigation on any surface, while your child sits comfortably elevated above the hustle and bustle. True “one-step” brake means you can stop in your tracks instantly and the rivet free symmetrical frame assures balance and super smooth turning circle. To protect your little one and offer privacy, protection from the sun and the perfect snooze environment, Quantum2 features a fully ventilated 3 tier canopy which completely envelopes the seat to provide absolute “paparazzi proof” strolling. 



Flexa Editions / Flexa Luxe

Super lightweight with a no-nonsense, free standing slim fold, Flexa is designed to be there when you need it and easily stored away when you don’t. The perfect companion for trips downtown, Flexa has an XL storage basket to store your essentials and adjustable 4-position telescopic handlebars, which can be easily minimized to fit through compromising spaces, plus double back wheels and all-round suspension for smooth, effortless strolling. All this, and weighing just 18.3 lb / 8.3 kg, Flexa is the umbrella stroller that makes no compromises when it comes to total parent convenience.   

Available in Editions, a range of timeless and imaginative fashions or Luxe, premium fabrics and detailed finishing, Flexa perfectly complements any style.  



Excurze Editions / Excurze Luxe

Famous for its small footprint and big features Excurze is designed to adapt to all your needs. Travel system and carrycot ready (coordinating accessory available separately) with adapters included in the box, Excurze is a great all-rounder for those looking to purchase their first stroller. Super narrow at just 21” / 53 cm with inline wheels makes for super easy navigation on sidewalks, subways and busy downtown hangouts. Excurze is cleverly designed with a fold ‘n flip seat to switch between parent and world facing in seconds, plus multiple seat recline positions for total passenger comfort whether they’re awake and taking it all in or catching some leisurely snoozes. And for parents, we’ve included a tether strap and all-round suspension for a secure-one hand push.   

Available in Editions, a range of timeless and imaginative fashions or Luxe, premium fabrics and detailed finishing, Excurze perfectly complements any style.