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Diono Wins Two National Parenting Product Awards

Diono Wins Two National Parenting Product Awards

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Tried, tested & loved by experts. We are proud winners of the annual NAPPA Awards!

The National Parenting Product Awards take place each year, showcasing the best products available for families. Now in its 31st year, NAPPA is one of the longest-running awards programs in the USA. Categories evaluated include toys, games & books, baby products, maternity & new mom products, and gadgets 'n' gear. We’re proud to announce that we have won two NAPPA Awards with Radian® 3QXT® FirstClass™ SafePlus™ and Monterey® 5iST FixSafe™.

Radian® 3QXT FirstClass™ SafePlus™

Radian® 3QXT® FirstClass™ SafePlus™ was recognized for its safety and design features, with the evaluation comments stating “The newborn and infant padding is quite extensive. There are 4 different accessory pads that can be used based on your newborn's height and weight. They all feel very cozy and supportive. When the padding is removed, the toddler setting is still very comfortable and has memory foam padding on the seat.”

Radian® 3QXT® FirstClass™ SafePlus™ is designed and engineered with features dedicated for each stage of the passenger journey from birth to booster. With complete 4-stage newborn protection, a 12-position headrest, and a 2-in-1 anti-rebound panel for growing children.

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Monterey® 5iST FixSafe™

The award adds to the existing five that Monterey® 5iST FixSafe™ has achieved since its launch in 2021. Evaluation comments included its innovative expandable width and height, carry straps and compact design.

“The seat’s ability to expand in both height and width with one button is really cool. The seat can provide 85% more room, so I know this will last for years to come.”

“I’ve never encountered such an intuitive booster seat–from the one-hand automatic adjustment to the easy latch system–these are features I haven’t seen before.”

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At NAPPA Awards our focus is family and our mission is simple — find and showcase the best toys, baby, and family products. Becoming a parent is the most amazing journey of our lives and we all want the very best for our kids starting with strollers and bassinets to toys, books, and apps that promote creativity and imagination. As our kids grow we want them to have learning tools that are engaging and educational. And most of all, we want to have fun and connect with our kids. So, this is us. We open the packages, we put them together, we read, we test the products, we jam to kids music bands, we go out in the community, we bring the kids and moms in our office and we play. And our message to all the moms and dads…go and have fun with your kids. This is the BEST.”