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Christian Peachey-Travis - My Diono

Christian Peachey-Travis - My Diono

Christian Peachey-Travis of Cicero, IN was recently involved in a crash in which her vehicle was T-boned. Her 3-year-old daughter riding in her Rainier was right at the point of impact. Christian’s story really demonstrates why it is so important to make sure your car seat is installed correctly and your child is harnessed correctly every single time you travel with a child.

“Dear makers of Diono car seats,

If I could I would hug you for making a car seat that we are beyond positive saved our sweet Bee’s life this weekend. While driving on the highway, we were involved in an accident and t-boned where our 3 yr old was sitting. Let me back up a few to that morning.

We were getting ready to leave for our annual back to school trip to the beach so I was cleaning my van out, so I took out her Diono car seat out to vacuum out the random goldfish and legos that had made their way underneath. I reinstalled her seat, made sure everything was installed properly including rear tether, and we were on our way. We were 20ish minutes from the beach at Lake Michigan when our accident happened. We had our 3 children in the van including our 3yr old who was in a Diono seat and right at the point of impact. All of us were transported by ambulance and amazingly enough, Bee was the only one who didn’t sustain any injuries, bumps, bruises, or scratches. We just shook the glass out of her clothes and she was great! I can not say thank you thank you thank enough for producing such a super safe and well built car seat. For us, a Diono was not in the immediate budget, but we felt it was the right decision. So, we saved some cash, sold her infant seat, and used it as her 2nd birthday present. We are blessed insurance is replacing her seat and are starting to save to go ahead and get a 2nd Diono as our back up seat because our current back up seat would not have done what this one did, hopefully we will have it within a month.

Thank you again and if I could, I would give all of you the biggest sobbing mom hug ever. I’ve attached the pictures from our accident, you are than welcome to share this because I want others to understand the importance of a well made car seat.”

We are happy to know you and your family are safe, Christian, and promise to uphold our standards to best serve our customers. 🙂