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Advanced safety, comfort, and protection with Diono SafePlus™ Engineering

Advanced safety, comfort, and protection with Diono SafePlus™ Engineering

Car Seats
SafePlus™ Engineering is available on a range of Radian® 3-Across car seats, but what is it, and how does it offer advanced protection? Let’s find out!

Introduced as part of our commitment to always going the extra mile to protect our Diono Family, SafePlus™ Engineering combines advanced safety, comfort, and functionality to provide extra reassurance that your Very Important Passenger is safe with Diono.

Our team of expert engineers are always working hard behind the scenes to stay ahead of the curve with innovative designs that protect your family. The Radian® 3-Across Family has been famous for its original fits-3 design since 2005, but we wanted to grow its legacy with advanced safety, protection, and functionality. That’s why SafePlus™ Engineering was created.

In this edition of Diono Journal find out what it means with Head of Engineering, Mike, and our very own Child Passenger Safety Technician, Scott.

SafePlus Engineering is a way of calling out a features and products that are specifically designed to go above the regulatory requirements. True our car seats are always designed to meet or exceed the required regulations, but SafePlus is even beyond that.”

Providing complete rear-facing protection from 4lbs / 1.8kg, Radian® SafePlus seats feature; a steel anti-rebound bar to reduce rebound rotation by 50%, newborn travel high wedge to promote the perfect lie-flat position while reducing head slump and keeping airways open, and an infant positioning liner. Each of these additions are engineered to ensure little VIPs are seated correctly, safely, and comfortably.

Radian® 3QXT® and Radian® 3QXT® FirstClass™ SafePlus™ features additional newborn protection insert and harness pads.

The Diono commitment to rear-facing for longer has not been compromised with SafePlus, with the collection suitable for use up to 50lbs / 22.7kg for rear-facing passengers while the famous Diono steel core has been re-engineered.

The heavy-duty SafePlus steel frame used in the Radian® car seats helps them survive crash forces significantly greater than required by FMVSS 213, plus it gives the seat a much longer usable life.”

In addition to significantly greater crash forces, the Radian® SafePlus collection has been side impact and roll-over crash tested, while Radian® 3QXT® and Radian® 3QXT® FirstClass SafePlus have been rear-impact tested and tested to twice the force recommended by US FMVSS 213.

*3QXT® and 3QXT® FirstClass SafePlus seats only

Advanced SafePlus side impact protection is found within the extended sidewalls with up to 8-layers of high-performance interlocking materials. The original Radian® headrest has been redesigned with the latest European Side Impact Technology to improve child head containment in the event of a crash. Easy one-hand adjustment with 12 positions accommodates growing passengers for up to 10-years.

“It’s been estimated that 25% of all crashes include a side impact component. The side impact management pod is designed to be contacted first during a side impact and help direct impact forces toward the back structure of the seat and away from the occupant.”

Even with the advancements and additions to the Radian® SafePlus Family, each seat is still built for busy back seats and measures just 17” to fit 3-across.

“It’s great to see the evolution of the Radian® into a seat that incorporates all of our latest safety and design features. Safety is at the heart of everything we do and the new Radian SafePlus collection is a great example of the continuous improvement that we strive for at Diono.”

“Diono’s SafePlus Engineering represents our commitment to child passenger safety by crash testing at a level that exceeds Federal standards. Tested at nearly twice the force of a standard crash test, the Radian® SafePlus collection offers the highest level of safety features that Diono has to offer.”